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Noteworthy technical deployment insights recently captured on the deployment wiki

Savvy planning of your deployment is key to building an Engineering Lifecycle Management solution environment that meets your business and technical needs—both now and with the flexibility to scale for future growth.  The deployment wiki is a great place to find insight to aid you in your deployment planning.  It’s built upon the experience of our deployment experts among development, services, support, partners and customers.

Our deployment experts are always on the lookout for patterns, best practices, guidance, and recommendations to harvest from the many engagements they participate in.  In this post, I want to highlight a number of the noteworthy insights captured over the last year.

Installation and Upgrade


Performance and Scalability


Resource-intensive Scenarios

Enterprise Monitoring

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


Usage Model / Best Practices

Configuration Management

Engineering Workflow Management


We are always open to ideas on guidance needed.  Better yet, as this is a community of experts, you too can participate in developing and sharing best practices based on your experience.  Check out our community information and contribution guidelines.

Tim Feeney
Executive IT Specialist, Watson IoT Engineering Development