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2012 December

Help, I’ve got an error message and don’t know what to do!

We all know how frustrating it can be to encounter an error message and not know what to do to fix it.  Now, you can find troubleshooting information and collaborate with others to improve error messages in the new Error Message Information Center for the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) products. If an […]

Unit Testing in The Real World — This is how we do it.

This is one of our first posts to share practices we have adopted in our own development within CLM as part of Continuous Delivery. The presented techniques are used to control software evolution and to improve the quality of our code base. Since there is a variety of IBM and Open Source tools we are […]

How we save time with build engine participants and you can too!

Every day, a hard working release engineer was actively monitoring our Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) build.  When the build completed, he would comment in our track build item with information about the build including the build’s status, a link to the build, and links to the builds that contributed to it like the Rational Team […]

JazzHub goes on a roadtrip to Carleton University

Last week Adam Mooz, Rob Retchless and I visited Carleton University in Ottawa to talk about Rational Team Concert (RTC) and JazzHub. We managed to lure a good 35 students to join us with two of their favourite things: free t-shirts and pizza. However, if they came for the pizza, that certainly isn’t why they […]