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Countdown to Rational Team Concert 3.0: Part IV – Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

In Part II of this blog series, I included a couple of sneak peaks into how Team Concert is continuing to be used everywhere with the new clients for  z/OS. We’ve always investment heavily in supporting different client environments, and this year we’ve raised the bar with a lot of new coolness in the client […]

Countdown to Rational Team Concert 3.0: Part III – Packaging and Licensing

Today we are announcing that Rational Team Concert 3.0 will be generally available on November 23, 2010. Visit the Rational Team Concert project page to learn more and get the highlights of what’s new! In addition to the enhancements in the main product functions, there have been significant changes to the licensing and deployment models […]

Countdown to the next Rational Team Concert: Part II – Source control enhancements

This is a follow-up to Part I and the next in a series of posts highlighting what’s coming in our next version of Rational Team Concert. In this entry, I will focus on the Source Control enhancements*. I’ll talk about enhancements in the core Source Control engine that enable distributed source control, a native client […]

Countdown to the next Rational Team Concert: Part I – Planning Enhancements

In preparation for our upcoming release of Rational Team Concert, this is the first in a series of blog posts that will dive into some of the more noteworthy features*: Enterprise administration and process tooling – Shared master project areas, CAC card auth support, LDAP wizard, and extra process extensions in SCM and Work Items […]

Try Rational Team Concert in our new sandbox

Since the first release of Rational Team Concert, we’ve always wanted to make it really easy to try out. In an effort to make this even easier, we’ve installed a sandbox Rational Team Concert [Edited on Dec. 17, 2010 to point to newer RTC 3.0 sandbox] server at, where every registered user can set up […]

Rational Team Concert released!

At the end of each Rational Team Concert iteration, we organize demos. It’s a great way to show progress, get others to try out your new features, and force features to be runnable. For this release, I’ve decided to share a snippet of an iteration demo and walk through a quick tour of the most […]

Making Agile Real

The theme of Agile 2009 this year was “Making Agile Real”, and the keynote given by Alistair Cockburn is available for your watching pleasure. Although Alistair is a great speaker, during his talk I was yearning for some hints on how to map his concepts into practices. While the eternal pragmatist in me was waiting […]

Rational Team Concert released!

One thing that is great about having an open community at is that we get feedback from users very promptly. We didn’t want to wait too long before we provided you with an update to 2.0 which contains many your feature requests and important bug fixes. I’m glad to report that the team pulled […]

Rational Team Concert 2.0 released!

We are proud to announce the general availability of Rational Team Concert 2.0. Go download it and enjoy! It’s loaded with features, some of the most notable features being read permissions, significant enhancements for planning and agile scrum support, and the server going big with enterprise deployments supporting 2000+ users in a single repository! How […]

How many users will your Team Concert 2.0 server support?

Although we are still collecting and running performance tests on Rational Team Concert 2.0, I’d like to share some of the preliminary data with you. These are the configurations that we’ve tested so far: Of the additional configurations to test, we want to find a middle point between the Xeon 5500, which would support ~1000 […]

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