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Using Docker with RQM

In our pipeline, we use Rational Quality Manager (RQM) to run a lot of tests using dynamically created RQM adapters. While building the products, we also compile and package the tests to be run. After the tests and products to test are built, we create and start several RQM adapters to run the tests. Here’s […]

Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy to improve automated testing

In my last post, I described how we use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to quickly and easily deploy server applications produced by each build.  In this post I will describe how we are using those deployed applications to improve our automated testing and reduce the time it takes to validate the contents of a build. Quality […]

Rapid build deployment using IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Previously I have focused on build performance in posts like Speeding up the pipeline by slowing down builds and Rethinking personal builds, but there is a lot more to a continuous delivery pipeline than build times.  Once a build produces artifacts, you need to do something with them.  Often the next step is to install […]

Rethinking personal builds

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In my first post, I described how we were able to increase parallelism and significantly improve the end-to-end build time of the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) pipeline.  This has provided value in many ways, but as Pete Steinfeld pointed out in his Accelerating CLM builds post, it doesn’t do much to improve the developer experience.  […]

Speeding up the pipeline by slowing down builds

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In a recent blog post, Pete Steinfeld casually mentioned that over the past year the time to build the full Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) pipeline was cut in half, but didn’t elaborate on how that reduction was accomplished.  Since I was involved with analyzing and improving the pipeline, I thought I would share, at a […]