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Evan Hughes

Does that build contain my fix?

Have you ever wondered if a build includes a fix? Perhaps you’re in QA and you want to ensure you’re testing the right build, or perhaps you’re a developer and you want to make sure that your changes made it into a build. Either way, Rational Team Concert makes it easy. Let’s look at how […]

Rational Team Concert source control makes continuous delivery easier

Rational Team Concert (RTC) has started releasing quarterly. Since large features rarely fit into such short cycles, we’re making heavy use of RTC’s branching and merging functionality. That could result in merge hell, but it doesn’t. This post will give you an idea of how the RTC team uses our own source control management system, […]

Enhanced source control permissions in the next release of Rational Team Concert

In our upcoming release of Rational Team Concert (as part of our Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution planned for 2Q 2011), we are expanding the permissions available in source control.* Way back in RTC 2.0, we added support for SCM read permissions that centered on process areas. In this next release, we’re improving read access for […]