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2009 October

Making Agile Real

The theme of Agile 2009 this year was “Making Agile Real”, and the keynote given by Alistair Cockburn is available for your watching pleasure. Although Alistair is a great speaker, during his talk I was yearning for some hints on how to map his concepts into practices. While the eternal pragmatist in me was waiting […]

Rational Team Concert for System z now available

Hot on the heels of announcing our first-class presence on, the Rational Team Concert for System z team is very proud to announce the general availability of our release, now available for download. Rational Team Concert for System z contains all the functionality and supports all the distributed platforms that Rational Team […]

What is C/ALM?

I’m often asked to explain Collaborative ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and am usually taken aback by the question. It’s like asking me to explain the value of ‘breathing.’ “Uh, because it hurts a lot if you don’t do it?” All joking aside, we recently we kicked off our design partner program for Collaborative ALM (C/ALM), […]