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2009 August

Only 5% are requirements

Over the past year or so, of the 4000+ artifacts created in the IBM Rational Requirements Composer product team’s own RRC Jazz repository, only 5% are textual artifacts of type “requirement.” We believe this dynamic is not unique to our team, and it points to important ways that teams can improve their chances of delivering […]

Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz v1.1

Rational has strong relationships with its business partners. Rational’s relationship with Mainsoft is no exception. Over the course of the last year I had numerous technical exchanges with Mainsoft developers, particularly Dekel Cohen.  Thus it was natural for me to ask him whether he would like to write a blog posting introducing the new version […]

Sprint alignment for developers and testers

With the release of Rational Team Concert 2.0 and Rational Quality Manager 2.0, our vision for Collaborative ALM begins to come to fruition. This blog post and video demo focus on one scenario that helps testers and developers align on the work involved in completing iterations. One of the biggest challenges for testers is staying […]

Now on! Rational Team Concert for System z

Until now Rational Team Concert for System z has been part of the Rational Team Concert project on Now’s the time for it to have it’s own space. We’ve received great feedback from our adopters so far, but we want to make it easier and more convenient to receive even more. We want the […]

Sprinting towards Scrum

If you are a Pig or a Chicken this will be interesting for you[1] :-) Rational Team Concert 2.0 comes with an overhauled Agile Planning component that enables you to steer a Scrum project without hassle. No matter if you’re a product owner, scrum master, developer, stakeholder, manager, or user – there is support for […]

Rational Quality Manager 2.0 – The Center of the QA Universe

At the Rational Software Conference 2009 in June, I busted the common myth that there was no center of the universe by proposing that Rational Quality Manager was the center and core of all things important for software quality. Our team has been busy over the past few months. The key driver for Rational Quality […]