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2008 October

User Interface Q4U : How do you use the Source Control Flow Editor?

You might be wondering why such silence from the Jazz Team Blog. In addition to enjoying a little down time this summer, the team has been fixing bugs for 1.0.1 and ramping up for our next major release by doing planning and explorations. One of the many areas that is getting attention is the Source […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Personal Builds

One feature in Rational Team Concert that changed my approach to my job in a subtle but unbelievably freeing way is the support for personal builds. A personal build is an automated build that runs against code in a developer’s private repository workspace instead of code in the team’s shared stream. Here is what the […]

Towards a Visual Studio client

I’d like to update everyone on the progress of the Team Concert Visual Studio client. Some of you may of seen demos at various conferences over the last year, but in reality we’ve only been able to start serious development of the client after we shipped Team Concert at the end of June. The first release […]