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Jazz Plan Jam results are in!

The results are in and the team has crunched through the data. In my previous post, Now that’s how we jam, I gave a breakdown the roles, ideas and votes cast. In this blog, I’ll focus on the popular content items by vote. With over 400 ideas expressed (see final tag cloud in image at […]

Now that’s how we Jam!

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I believe Geoffrey Chaucer is credited with originating the English proverb, “All good things must come to an end.” Well Mr. Chaucer, you’ve captured my sentiments perfectly as we come to the end of the inaugural Jazz Plan Jam. As I explained in my blog post a few weeks ago, the Jam was aimed at […]

The Jazz Plan Jam is ‘jammin’

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Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at Hey all of you “jazzers.” The first ever Jazz Plan Jam is well underway. We kicked off the Jam yesterday and the feedback is starting to roll in! The Jam ends on June 6th June 13th so be sure to jump in on […]

Jazz Plan Jam – Come jam with us!

Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at Are you chock full of ideas and looking for a means to express them? Do you have a wish list or some pet peeves about our products? Are you looking for a way to let your voice be heard? Well then, I’m […]

Five imperatives for Application Lifecycle Management

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“At some point, you take a step back, and you realize you have an awful lot of siloed systems that are limiting transparency across strategic projects.” Development Director, Temenos, Inc. Back when I was making my career decision, I chose to avoid the medical field. Software, I thought, was safe. I wouldn’t harm anyone if […]

Link it forward: A demo of CLM integrations

(Hint: Don’t miss the video included toward the end of this entry) Back in 2000, there was an American movie called Pay it Forward. The plot involved an 11-year-old boy who, in response to a school assignment to put into action a plan that would change the world, devised a plan he called “paying it forward.” […]

Mechatronics: An opportunity for collaboration

In April I was invited to speak about Jazz, the Jazz Integration Architecture, and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) at a Mechatronics Council Workshop for the CPDA in Cincinnatti, OH. CPDA stands for Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC. After some research, I learned that they are focused on product lifecycle management, and that they […]

Plan linking with the Rational Workbench for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

In this video we demonstrate (using M6) how teams can link and populate plans by leveraging each other’s work. The demonstration starts from a requirements collection. This collection is linked to a development plan. The development team can populate a release plan with work-items that have links back to the requirements. Next, the testers link […]

What is C/ALM?

I’m often asked to explain Collaborative ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and am usually taken aback by the question. It’s like asking me to explain the value of ‘breathing.’ “Uh, because it hurts a lot if you don’t do it?” All joking aside, we recently we kicked off our design partner program for Collaborative ALM (C/ALM), […]

Sprint alignment for developers and testers

With the release of Rational Team Concert 2.0 and Rational Quality Manager 2.0, our vision for Collaborative ALM begins to come to fruition. This blog post and video demo focus on one scenario that helps testers and developers align on the work involved in completing iterations. One of the biggest challenges for testers is staying […]