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2007 December

Jazz tiny tip #2: Work items and screenshots

When filing a defect with Team Concert, I often like to include a screenshot of the problem. Including a screenshot can make it much easier for the receiver of the defect to see what you’re talking about. Screenshots can be easily added to new, or existing, work items. Start by clicking the camera button in […]

Jazz tiny tip #1: Filing a defect

Jazz provides a lot of goodness for software developers. Source control. Work items. Builds. Much more. With the announcement of Rational Team Concert Beta 2, there are several resources on to help you get started. Along those lines, I’ve got several tips in mind that I’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. These are […]

Welcome to the Jazz Team Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Jazz team blog! We’ve decided to start a team blog so that members of the Jazz team can write about topics we think will be interesting and informative to the community, such as: Tips and tricks on how to better use Jazz-based tools How we ourselves use Jazz-based tools to […]