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2012 May

The Jazz Plan Jam is ‘jammin’

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Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at Hey all of you “jazzers.” The first ever Jazz Plan Jam is well underway. We kicked off the Jam yesterday and the feedback is starting to roll in! The Jam ends on June 6th June 13th so be sure to jump in on […]

CLM 2012 Part 5 – Navigating a More Unified CLM Web

Every release we have the opportunity, and responsibility, to make progress on unifying the Web user interface across integrated Jazz applications. Unifying the UI — or more completely, the user experience — continues to be an important area of focus for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management team because we understand that when you use integrated Jazz […]

CLM 2012 Part 4 – Rational Requirements Composer: Definition to Delivery

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts discussing the enhancements in our Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 solution.  Continuing with our race to the CLM 2012 finish line, let’s take a look at some of the great new features in Rational Requirements Composer. Just as a racing pit crew is essential to keep things […]

CLM 2012 Part 3 – Rational Quality Manager: Test it, fix it, track it … done

This is the third in a series of blogs discussing the enhancements in our Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 solution.  Take the passenger seat and let me take you through the paces with the new Rational Quality Manager. You will see right away the new gauges and controls that keep you in pole position even in […]

Jazz Plan Jam – Come jam with us!

Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at Are you chock full of ideas and looking for a means to express them? Do you have a wish list or some pet peeves about our products? Are you looking for a way to let your voice be heard? Well then, I’m […]

Software developers of tomorrow are doing it at JazzHub today!

The JazzHub team planned to make a big splash at Innovate with our JazzHub Beta 2, the next major release of JazzHub. We just couldn’t wait that long! Instead, we went live with our Beta 2 in time for the ACM Intercollegiate Programming Challenge finals in Warsaw last week.  For those of you who don’t […]

CLM 2012 Part 2 – Rational Team Concert: Task tracking, agile planning, source control

While shopping around recently for a more fuel efficient car, I noticed that most of the new features being touted in cars today are software innovations rather than mechanical ones: “infotainment” systems with Bluetooth connectivity, integrated backup cameras for added safety, variable cylinder management to improve fuel economy, and more. What’s driving all this software innovation? […]

Running slow? Get a health check

Have you ever noticed sluggishness with a CLM web page and wondered whether you are hitting some product issues, or just having a bumpy connection with the server?  Or while you were waiting for your content to show up in the browser, have you ever wondered “are they there yet”? There is a little tool […]

Start your engines! CLM 2012 Part 1- Taking a peek under the hood

This is the first in a series of blogs discussing the enhancements we’re delivering in the upcoming release of our Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution, comprising: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirements Composer, and beta integration with Rational Software Architect Design Manager. The team chose the race car theme for this blog series, and […]

Announcing the Integrations Directory

We know it can be frustrating to discover if an integration exists for the products you use. You’re probably tired of managing an endless list of bookmarks that you’ve collected to look up those integrations! The and Rational Integrations Gearbox teams have joined up to improve how information about Integrations is made available. Over […]