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Daniel Toczala

Keeping my Jazz Server happy and my users overjoyed

I have been working with a number of customers recently, and most of my work seems to be focused on customers that are looking to rapidly expand their Jazz deployments.  They have realized some dramatic improvements in their software development teams that use the Jazz tools, and now they want to expand this capability to […]

New CLM 2011 Materials on

While participating in the festivities at Innovate 2011 down in Orlando, I had an opportunity to speak with many of our customers about the CLM 2011 solution. Everyone that I spoke with was excited about our new capabilities, and was impressed with the cross product capabilities.  Whether they were our customers or part of an […]

Getting help and support for Jazz products

I often get asked about the best ways to get support and answers to common questions about our Jazz-based products. I also hear some people mention that they prefer open source solutions because they think that the support is better. I have worked with quite a few open source tools, as well as Jazz-based tools, over […]

Translating ClearCase and ClearQuest terminology to Jazz

I recently spent time in Korea helping our customers understand Jazz Extensions and OSLC.  Many of the questions came from people who are very familiar with Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest.  As we discussed Jazz and Rational Team Concert, they kept trying to tie the Rational Team Concert concepts back to the concepts and terminology that […]