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2009 March

Scaling to new heights with Rational Team Concert 2.0

One of our major goals for Rational Team Concert 2.0 (RTC) is to support significantly larger development teams on a single server than were supported by our 1.0 release. We knew our Jazz Technology could support more than 250 Developers as soon as we finished our scalability testing and published the Rational Team Concert 1.0 […]

Using the Scrum Process and Agile Estimating and Planning with Rational Team Concert

I’ve had a lot of positive reaction to my developerWorks article on this topic, and many have requested a video version.  So here it is, at last: Like the article, the video follows the fictional Havannah team while they develop a Product Backlog and then a Sprint Backlog and execute their first Sprint.  The case […]

How scalable are repository workspaces?

I was chatting with users of a rather large Rational Team Concert deployment today and they asked a very common question, “what is the footprint overhead of having repository workspaces?”. The easy answer is, don’t worry about it because disk space is cheap. But in reality, we do care about it, a lot. Imagine what […]

Now on! Rational Quality Manager and Rational Test Lab Manager

Here we are, five months after the first release of Rational Quality Manager and Rational Test Lab Manager.  We have received great feedback from our early adopters and customers, but we want more.  We want to hear from you and what better way to do it than to open the flood gates and let everyone […]

Finding your changes – using releases, builds, and snapshots

It has been a busy fall and winter for the Rational Team Concert (RTC) development teams. We shipped 1.0.1 in October, followed by in February, and we are working on 2.0. It’s probably not uncommon to have many releases on the “go” at the same time, but I must admit that it has been […]

Getting global with 13 languages

Rational Team Concert is a significant event! Besides some functional enhancements, defect fixes, and the inclusion of the Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, RTC is now globalized in 13 languages. This is a major accomplishment, involving a lot of hard work from all component teams. You all deserve a pat on the […]