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Countdown to CLM 2Q11: Part 3 – A sample that matters

(This is part of a series of blog posts where we describe enhancements and changes planned for the upcoming release of our Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution, comprising: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer.*) If you have read the previous blog posts on the countdown to CLM 2Q11, you have likely heard […]

Cool “hidden” features in Rational Team Concert

If you want to become a real expert in Rational Team Concert, continue reading to find out about some cool features that can help you become even more productive. In this post, I direct your attention to a series of articles around the topic of cool, “hidden” features in Rational Team Concert. If you want […]

What’s New in Rational Team Concert 3.0: Part V – Work Item Enhancements

Rational Team Concert 3.0 is now available. Visit the RTC project page to learn more and get the highlights of what’s new! Or go download it now if you’re ready to dive in. This blog entry continues the tour around new & noteworthy features in Rational Team Concert 3.0, with a focus on Work Item […]

Rational Team Concert for Open Source Development: Experiences with RSSOwl

Rational Team Concert has always been free of charge for open source projects and academic purposes. So, we love it when popular open source projects adopt Rational Team Concert and report back to us their experience and feedback. Now, I am one of the developers for Rational Team Concert, but I also happen to be […]

Getting your feet wet with feeds

Rational Team Concert has always supported newsfeeds as the preferred mechanism to track events in teams and projects. Are you still relying on old school e-mail notifications? Have you never thought about configuring Team Central and your personal Dashboard to use feeds efficiently? Then this post will give you some inspiration. To keep things short […]