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Anindita Basu

What’s the difference between Ignore, Undo, Deliver, Suspend, Discard, and Reverse

“I have edited the files you wanted me to look at”, I told a team member over coffee. “I will check them in once I finish this cup.” So, after I was back, I opened the pending changes view in the Rational Team Concert Shell control panel, and began to check in the changed files. […]

Rational Team Concert Shell: Where are my pending changes?

“I have delivered some new files to the stream”, said a teammate at our morning scrum. “Can you please edit them?” We’re agile.  I promised to return the files within three working days. Then, I grabbed some coffee, opened Rational Team Concert Shell, and tried to remember what it was that the task bar icon […]

A Rational Team Concert client by another name

“It can do source control management (SCM) stuff. It is almost like the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE”, I was told, “but simpler.” “Aha! A margherita”, I thought and, being of a nature that prefers bare bones over raiments, I downloaded and installed Rational Team Concert Shell (I’m using version 4.0.2) with the […]