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2010 September

CLM Beta 2 is available!

This week we made the Release Candidate 0 (RC0) from our three Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) products available as Beta 2 for the release: Rational Team Concert – Beta 2 Rational Quality Manager – Beta 2 Rational DOORS Requirements Professional – Beta 2 When I compare Beta 2 to Beta 1, I get really excited […]

Rational Asset Manager 7.5 is ready for download!

Rational Asset Manager 7.5 released today, September 24, 2010, and is now available for download. This release includes some cool innovations in usability, new and improved integrations, and more flexible licensing and deployment options. Check out the new and noteworthy. It includes descriptions, screenshots, and videos of many of the new features. I hope you […]

Translating ClearCase and ClearQuest terminology to Jazz

I recently spent time in Korea helping our customers understand Jazz Extensions and OSLC.  Many of the questions came from people who are very familiar with Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest.  As we discussed Jazz and Rational Team Concert, they kept trying to tie the Rational Team Concert concepts back to the concepts and terminology that […]

Mechatronics: An opportunity for collaboration

In April I was invited to speak about Jazz, the Jazz Integration Architecture, and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) at a Mechatronics Council Workshop for the CPDA in Cincinnatti, OH. CPDA stands for Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC. After some research, I learned that they are focused on product lifecycle management, and that they […]

Expanding horizons: Systems engineering and software development

As you may know, IBM has been involved with creating and delivering complex, embedded systems for over 50 years now, starting with the earliest days of the NASA space program. The acquisition of Rational and then Telelogic further expanded our knowledge and footprint of Systems Engineering and embedded software development over the recent past, and […]