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2010 April

Add Seven Free Developers to Rational Team Concert

NOTE: This offer has ended and is no longer available. We’ve done two things to make Rational Team Concert more affordable for small teams: Made all editions start with a total of 10 Developers (three included + seven free) Dropped the server prices (by approximately half) for a limited time We heard feedback that users […]

Rational Team Concert for Open Source Development: Experiences with RSSOwl

Rational Team Concert has always been free of charge for open source projects and academic purposes. So, we love it when popular open source projects adopt Rational Team Concert and report back to us their experience and feedback. Now, I am one of the developers for Rational Team Concert, but I also happen to be […]

Try Rational Team Concert in our new sandbox

Since the first release of Rational Team Concert, we’ve always wanted to make it really easy to try out. In an effort to make this even easier, we’ve installed a sandbox Rational Team Concert [Edited on Dec. 17, 2010 to point to newer RTC 3.0 sandbox] server at, where every registered user can set up […]