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JavaScript improvements with Rational Publishing Engine 2.1.1

JavaScript is one of the key components while building a Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) template. The plain JavaScript dialog editor has been improved with: Content Assist: Ctrl + space lists available variables, helps with syntax of various JavaScript functions, parameters to be passed to a function. Tip: If the variable is a data attribute from a […]

Using forum advanced search and RSS to monitor questions

While the move to the new forum software last year brought new and more modern capabilities, we also lost some (like news reader compatibility). While you can get RSS feeds from the forum, unless you use the advanced searching capabilities, the feeds can seem more like fire hoses than drinking fountains, splattering you with more […]

Oh, the places you’ll work (when you use RTC)!

With Yahoo’s latest change of policy that restricts employees to only working in the office, people have been buzzing about working from home and distributed teams.  At IBM, it’s common for teams to be distributed across nations and even continents.  Working from different physical locations and various timezones brings its own set of challenges, but […]

Designing Graphs and Tables (part 3)

This is the third part of a series of blog posts describing what we’ve learned about the visual display of quantitative information as it relates to CLM predefined reports (continued from part 1 and part 2). How to show data effectively in graphs In part 1 we pointed out that effective design practices are aligned with […]

How we save time with build engine participants and you can too!

Every day, a hard working release engineer was actively monitoring our Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) build.  When the build completed, he would comment in our track build item with information about the build including the build’s status, a link to the build, and links to the builds that contributed to it like the Rational Team […]

Designing Graphs and Tables (part 2)

This is the second part of a series of blog posts describing what the coauthors have learned about the visual display of quantitative information as it relates to the design of graphs and tables (continued from part 1). How to determine which type of graph to use In part 1 we pointed out that effective […]

Reviewing code changes with Rational Team Concert

In the good old days, things were easy. You worked on a bug, modified a few lines of code and were done. No one was looking over your shoulder to check if your code was right. The best code comes late at night when you’re alone anyway. No tests to run and no continuous build […]

Running slow? Get a health check

Have you ever noticed sluggishness with a CLM web page and wondered whether you are hitting some product issues, or just having a bumpy connection with the server?  Or while you were waiting for your content to show up in the browser, have you ever wondered “are they there yet”? There is a little tool […]

Good practices and key workflows for Rational Team Concert Source Control users

Are you an effective Rational Team Concert Source Control user? If you’re not sure, or simply want to become more effective, here are some essential tips that will help on your way. Before jumping in to these tips, we have some excellent resources that would be worth taking a look at: If you’re new to […]

Designing graphs and tables

Throughout the early development of Jazz and Rational Team Concert we realized that, although we were accustomed to creating tables and graphs to manage milestones, we had little or no exposure to design practices that optimize their effectiveness. Many people who produce CLM reports might find themselves in the same circumstances. This post (and others […]

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