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Authors: RosaNaranjo, JimRuehlin
Build basis: 7.0.x

Please note, as of release 7.0.3 this page is deprecated. Please book mark ELM API Landing Page for future updates.

This is a landing page for the various API wiki pages that exist on the Jazz.net development wiki as well as a central collective page of the known APIs that are available for integrating programmatically with our CE/ELM products. It serves as a convenience for accessing API information about CE/ELM products and is not guaranteed to have up-to-the-minute information. See the official API specifications for each CE/ELM component for complete information.

Please see the IBM Support Statement for ELM APIs. APIs are supported differently than ELM products.

IBM strongly advises that any scripts that customers develop using APIs be tested in a staging environment prior to use in a production environment. Scripts can have unintended performance or other consequences and thus should be highly scrutinized prior to deployment on production systems.

API Automation Best Practices

NOTE: Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio

General OSLC and CLM API information

OSLC Workshop

Guide for writing OSLC integrations

OSLC and REST API "cheat sheet"

ELM-CLM Root Services Specification

OSLC GitHub repository

Eclipse Lyo is an improved Java framework with sample libraries and reference implementations for creating OSLC integrations

IoT Connector is a working sample of an OSLC adapter for IBM Watson IoT Platform created using Lyo Designer. It's a working example and source code for integrating with ELM and includes common operations such as authenticating with ELM using OAuth. It works with non-configuration management-enabled CLM systems (aka "opt-out" DNG and RQM).

Jazz Foundation

Foundation APIs are available in ELM applications that support those Foundation services.

Jazz REST Services home

Jazz Foundation Process API

JAF SDK Main Page

Jazz Foundation SDK download page

Authentication of a native client with a Jazz-based application

Fetch User Profile

Global Configuration Management

GCM is a provider of global configurations as defined by the OSLC Configuration Management draft specification; EWM SCM, Doors Next, and ETM are providers of local configurations. These applications implement the appropriate APIs from that specification.

Drafts of the OSLC Configuration Management Specification can be found on the OSLC Specifications page.

Global Configuration Management REST API - Documents extensions beyond the OSLC specification for the current release. The same release-specific documentation of these REST APIs can be found in your local ELM installation at https://[server]:[port]/gc/doc/scenarios.

GCM Client Extension API

DOORS Next Generation

Global Configuration Management REST API Documentation for the Global Configuration Management REST API can be found at https://[server]:[port]/gc/doc/scenarios. You must have the GC application installed to access this link. This API is a collection of REST services that client applications use to create and update components, create new streams, create baselines, update a stream to match a baseline, and other operations. REST client applications can use the API to programmatically perform many of the operations that are usually done through the GCM web user interface. See RM Enhancement 384433.

RM as an OSLC service provider

Using OSLC capabilities in the Requirements Management application

DNG Server API Documentation

DNG Client Extension API

DNG Module API

DNG Reportable REST API - v6.0 or higher

RRC Reportable REST API - v4.0.x thru v5.0.2

Extending requirements functionality (video)

RM Extensions Examples version 6.0.5

ReqIF API v1.0 New for

Readiness REST API - v7.0.2 or higher

Rational Team Concert (EWM)

Resource Oriented Work Item API

What APIs are available for RTC and what can you extend?


6.0.1: OSLC API Changes for Enumerations

RTC SDK changes for RTC 6.0.3

RTC Plain Java APIs

Consuming Rational Team Concertís OSLC Change Management V2 Services

Resource Oriented Work Item API

Programmatic Link Creation and new link type contribution

Programmatic Link Creation and new link type contribution

Programmatic Workitem Creation

Extension Points and Operation IDís

Rational Team Concert plain Java APIís Article

SCM Participant for Integrating Rational Team Concert with an Activity Stream Service

Source control process recipes for Rational Team Concert Ė Source Control Operations with Preconditions

Rational Team Concert Ė Creating Custom Operation Advisors

Consuming Rational Team Concertís OSLC Change Management V2 Services

RTC Automation OSLC Prototype

Work Items Service provider for OSLC 2.0 CM Specification

Reportable REST API

How consume Jazz Reportable REST API programmatically using Java

Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop

Rhapsody Model Manager

Reportable REST API for RMM

Rational Quality Manager (ETM)

RQM Test Automation Adapter API

RQM Reportable REST API


Readiness REST API


A look inside LQE and Report Builder

Integrating external data sources with LQE and Report Builder

RTC Reportable REST API

RQM Reportable REST API

DNG Reportable REST API

Plain Java Client or Jazz APIs

The "official" Jazz API is available for download on the downloads page, in the Plain Zips section, under Plain Java Client Libraries and Plain Java Client Libraries API Documentation. The article Rational Team Concert plain Java API's is an introduction into how they work. Customers wishing to write process extensions for their Jazz implementation should begin with the EWM/RTC extensions workshop, the Process enactment workshop, and the OSLC workshop. This will help them better understand the various different options for extending and enhancing the Jazz solution, and will provide valuable insight into how to implement the needed customizations.

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Additional contributors: ThomasPoulin, GeoffClemm, Ralph Schoon, ToddDunnavant, MichaelRowe
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