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Ryan Manwiller

Motivations behind the design of Jazz Team Build

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Rational Team Concert ships with a component we call Jazz Team Build. Jazz Team Build provides several build-related features for the day-to-day user and the release engineer. In addition, Jazz Team Build was designed to be used with your existing build infrastructure such as Rational Build Forge, CruiseControl, and the like. In this post, I’d […]

Jazz tiny tip #3: Requesting a build


Early on in the development of the Jazz Team Build component, we looked at the common pain points that developers had around builds. One of these pain points was a lack of control. Many automated build setups did not enable the developer to run a build on demand, or did not make it easy and […]

Jazz tiny tip #2: Work items and screenshots

When filing a defect with Team Concert, I often like to include a screenshot of the problem. Including a screenshot can make it much easier for the receiver of the defect to see what you’re talking about. Screenshots can be easily added to new, or existing, work items. Start by clicking the camera button in […]

Jazz tiny tip #1: Filing a defect

Jazz provides a lot of goodness for software developers. Source control. Work items. Builds. Much more. With the announcement of Rational Team Concert Beta 2, there are several resources on to help you get started. Along those lines, I’ve got several tips in mind that I’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. These are […]