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2010 March

Rational Quality Manager 2.0.1: A quality trek

Quality, the final frontier. These are the blogs of Rational Quality Manager. Our current mission:  to explore strange new defects, to seek out quality objectives, measures, and metrics, and to boldly assist you in going where no quality organization has gone before. Product Managers log, Quality date 1551.91. The Rational Quality Manager team has just […]

Innovate 2010 Jam, March 30-31

Just a quick plug for an upcoming event … In preparation for Innovate 2010 in June, IBM Rational is hosting an online jam, or brainstorming session, called IBM Innovate Jam 2010, March 30-April 1. The event is free, and all are invited to participate. Several of the Jazz leads, including Erich Gamma and Dave Thomson, […]

Rational Asset Manager is here!

I’m thrilled to announce that Rational Asset Manager (RAM) has joined the Jazz community here on If you’re not already familiar with RAM, I invite you to visit our project page. If you’re an existing user, I think you’ll enjoy having direct access to our development team and other community members. Rational Asset Manager […]

Hitting nails on the head: Scrum and Rational Team Concert

In a discussion about the shortcomings of Scrum, Uncle Bob Martin nailed 7 theses to the door. His 7 theses have been widely discussed, and they are liked or disliked by the Scrum community. Let’s take a look at a few of his identified “shortcomings” and how Rational Team Concert can help you get around them: […]