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2008 December

Refactoring the Jazz Project

When we began the Jazz Project and opened it to the public last year, we had two goals in mind: we had a vision for a platform on which to build a new generation of collaborative software development tools, and we wanted to work in the open to build a first product on that platform […]

IBM Rational Build Forge integration is now available!

The recently released IBM Rational Build Forge 7.1 has added support for integration between Rational Team Concert and Rational Build Forge. By combining the powerful software assembly automation of Rational Build Forge with the collaborative, agile environment of Rational Team Concert your software development teams can now easily: Manage software assembly for Jazz and traditional […]

Surfing the Collaborative ALM web – RTC, RQM, and RRC

In the user forum and on other occasions the question has come up about how the Jazz based products Team Concert, Quality Manager, and Requirements Composer play together. To help explain this, I’m pleased to point you to a recording of a demo we recently presented at a Rational VOICE of the Customers event. The […]