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2008 January

Jazz tiny tip #3: Requesting a build


Early on in the development of the Jazz Team Build component, we looked at the common pain points that developers had around builds. One of these pain points was a lack of control. Many automated build setups did not enable the developer to run a build on demand, or did not make it easy and […]

The Christmas gift

This was an exciting Christmas for me. For the first time ever, I couldn’t wait to give my in-laws their Christmas gift, which I bought some 2 months ago. For those without in-laws, you can’t even start to imagine how many brownie points this added to my small savings. The gift idea came to me […]

Fixing a bug in a previous release

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Every existing SCM tool allows you to fix a bug in a previous release. But the reality is that most SCM tools focus primarily on allowing you to change the code whereas there is more to fixing a bug than simply making the code changes. It turns out that even with simple projects there are […]