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Rational Asset Manager released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Rational Asset Manager (RAM) fix pack. It is now available for download on! Continuing with the quarterly release cadence, the primary focus of this release, apart from addressing customer submitted defects, is to address customer requested usability improvements to benefit power users. In addition, we continue with our theme […]

Rational Asset Manager released

We are glad to announce that the Rational Asset Manager (RAM) fix pack is now available for download on! This release contains quality improvements in terms of fixes for customer submitted defects, documentation, and installation. The Artifacts Upload capability has also been improved in this release. This capability now relies on a JavaScript implementation that supports modern browsers, […]

A nice new shiny award … won’t mom be proud?

I was terrible at sports as a kid, but everyone on the team got a trophy. Come to think of it, I may still have a few of those in the attic. When I was in high school, trophies were a little harder to come by, but I did manage to win my fair share in my […]

Rational Asset Manager released

The Rational Asset Manager (RAM) fix pack is now available. It includes some updated and preview features supporting Dev/Ops and ALM usage scenarios, along with bug fixes.

Rational Asset Manager 7.5.1 is now available!

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With this release of Rational Asset Manager, we did our best to incorporate your feedback and suggestions. We gathered input from the RAM forum on, our field and support teams, our design partners and from onsite customer visits so that we could focus this release on delivering improved usability and integrations. Here are just a few […]

The role of Rational Asset Manager as a DevOps broker

Gone are the days when development teams develop monolithic applications completely from scratch. Reusing open source components, frameworks, and services is quite usual. It is also common that a single application is composed with packages that are delivered by different teams.  The deployment of these applications has to take into account which package level to […]

Milestone 3 for the next release of Rational Asset Manager now available

I am excited that the team recently updated IBM Rational Asset Manager to provide the milestone 3 download for our next release!  This will be the final milestone for 7.5.1 as the team now shifts focus to finalizing the product for delivery later this year. All of the features planned for this release are included […]

Milestone 1 for the next release of Rational Asset Manager now available

We recently made available for download Milestone 1 of our next release of Rational Asset Manager, currently planned for 3Q2011. I think you’ll be impressed by the progress made so far by our agile development team. This milestone is fully functional and really shows off some of the great strides we’ve taken toward the release […]

Rational Asset Manager now available

The Rational Asset Manager fix pack is now available for download. This second fix pack to version 7.5 includes new and noteworthy enhancements and a number of bug fixes. You can also watch this video to see a quick overview of what’s new in The Rational Asset Manager development team has eagerly begun […]

Rational Asset Manager released

Released just in time for the new year, Rational Asset Manager (RAM) improves on some of the features we delivered in September 2010: Development teams asked for integration with the recently released Rational Team Concert 3.0 (RTC 3.0): RAM supports OSLC-based linking, and Eclipse client integration with RTC 3.0. Many of you liked […]

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