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2008 November

Extending Team Concert collaboration to include SharePoint documents

This post was contributed by Philippe Cohen, Vice President of Products at Mainsoft, and edited by Adrian Cho, Development Manager for Rational Team Concert. Is your team using Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate on project documents, such as design, architecture diagrams, process, and methodology? The Document artifact If you answered “yes,” then try out the Team Concert Document […]

Integrating Visual Studio builds with Team Concert

Many of you have asked if we support integrating automated Visual Studio builds with Rational Team Concert. The short answer is yes, but you’ll have to use the Eclipse Team Concert client to control and view the results. When talking about build, it helps a lot to look at a picture. The following diagram taken […]

Team Concert Client for Visual Studio Beta

I’m pleased to announce that the Team Concert Client for Visual Studio Client beta is now available for download. It’s a fully functional preview of what we will be shipping as part of the Rational Team Concert release slated for the first quarter of 2009. The client will be available, at no additional cost, […]

User Interface Q4U: What does your dream home look like?

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When I was young, I used to wile away time dreaming of what my future ideal home would look like and where it would be. It tended to include things like curved floating staircases, open concept rooms, lots of art, and was usually located in some exotic or ultra-cool location on the planet nowhere near […]

Your voice at “VoiCE” on Jazz Foundation Web UI

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This week at the Rational VoiCE of the Client event, a colleague of mine and I will be hosting design feedback sessions on the next rev of the Rational Jazz Foundation Web UI.  If you are planning to be at the event and want to talk Jazz, please stop by the Wakefield Room and sign […]

New Articles


The Jazz Process team is happy to announce that three new articles have been published on for your reading pleasure: Process Behavior Lookup An overview of how the Jazz Process runtime computes the correct behavior when a user performs a process-enabled operation. Process Permissions Lookup An overview of how the Jazz Process runtime determines […]

Jazz tiny tip #3: Adding Work Item Query to Team Central

Displaying query results in Team Central can be a great way to monitor work item changes as they occur. Since the query is automatically run on a defined interval, the view quickly reflects changes that are important to you. I find that it is less “in your face” than having a popup alert, and easier […]