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2014 March

Herding cats with customized work items

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Newbie Blogger Hello community!  I’m excited to join the blogging world and share my experience and expertise as a project manager from within the depths of the Rational brand development organization.  I’ve been in Rational for quite a while now and the Lotus brand before that.  You may know me from when I was […]

Continuous upgrade with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

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I’ve just released a video explaining how we’re using IBM UrbanCode Deploy to continuously upgrade the staging and production systems on In the video, I explain the internal architecture, the different staging systems, and the process we use to upgrade the production systems. Finally, I demonstrate how we use UrbanCode Deploy to automate […]

Does that build contain my fix?

Have you ever wondered if a build includes a fix? Perhaps you’re in QA and you want to ensure you’re testing the right build, or perhaps you’re a developer and you want to make sure that your changes made it into a build. Either way, Rational Team Concert makes it easy. Let’s look at how […]

JazzHub Goes Clubbing

Last week, members of the JazzHub team spent a lot of time together at the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas.  While there are rumors that the team got together for some late night debauchery, I won’t get into that here… The real reason why the team visited Las Vegas was for the dev@Pulse conference, which […]