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Millard Ellingsworth

Using forum advanced search and RSS to monitor questions

While the move to the new forum software last year brought new and more modern capabilities, we also lost some (like news reader compatibility). While you can get RSS feeds from the forum, unless you use the advanced searching capabilities, the feeds can seem more like fire hoses than drinking fountains, splattering you with more […]

Using the forum more effectively

Last year we made a big move with our forums, moving from an older, thread-based, hierarchical model to a question and answer tag-based one. People acclimated to the new approach pretty quickly — plenty of questions still got asked and answered. Now that we’re past the early adoption, I’d like your help taking it […]

Using the Scrum Process and Agile Estimating and Planning with Rational Team Concert

I’ve had a lot of positive reaction to my developerWorks article on this topic, and many have requested a video version.  So here it is, at last: Like the article, the video follows the fictional Havannah team while they develop a Product Backlog and then a Sprint Backlog and execute their first Sprint.  The case […]