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Martha Andrews

Jazz tiny tip #3: Adding Work Item Query to Team Central

Displaying query results in Team Central can be a great way to monitor work item changes as they occur. Since the query is automatically run on a defined interval, the view quickly reflects changes that are important to you. I find that it is less “in your face” than having a popup alert, and easier […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Personal Builds

One feature in Rational Team Concert that changed my approach to my job in a subtle but unbelievably freeing way is the support for personal builds. A personal build is an automated build that runs against code in a developer’s private repository workspace instead of code in the team’s shared stream. Here is what the […]

My Top 4 Favorite Team Concert Features

I am a software developer on the Jazz Team Build Component team. The Jazz project has been self-hosting on Rational Team Concert since before it was called Rational Team Concert . :-) It’s easy to get so used to the tool that I fail to notice how convenient some operations are and how much I’ve […]