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The Rational Team Concert SCM Strategy

Now that Rational Team Concert (RTC) integrates with Git as an alternative source control provider, we sometimes get asked about our source control management (SCM) strategy. Why Git? Does that mean we’re not going to invest in RTC’s built-in SCM long term? How do they play together? This blog is intended to dispel any such […]

Organizing our teams for Continuous Delivery

You may have been reading the blog posts of my colleagues around continuous delivery including the motivation behind it, our focus areas as we transformed from annual to quarterly releases, and some process improvements that we implemented. Continuing this theme, in this blog I’ll write about one of the most dramatic changes that we underwent […]

Introducing the Rational Team Concert Shell integration for Windows Explorer

The recent milestone of Rational Team Concert 4.0.7 includes a brand new integration and tool: the Rational Team Concert Shell for Microsoft Windows Explorer. With the RTC Shell integration, you can now source control files and folders from within Windows Explorer (initial support in Windows 7 only). So who could use this tool? Anyone using […]

What’s new in the Rational Team Concert 3.0.1 client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

With the 3.0.1 release of Rational Team Concert just round the corner on June 14, 2011, I’m really excited to tell you about all the work we did in the last six months to improve the experience for .NET developers using RTC. When we look at the features we planned for and delivered, many of […]

Rational Team Concert introduces support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

The Rational Team Concert iFix 3 M1 milestone build is now available on The most notable addition to iFix3 is the support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. During the last month we’ve been hard at work testing the Client for Visual Studio with various configurations including standalone Visual Studio 2010 installs and configurations that […]