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Announcing IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management as a Managed Service

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We are pleased to announce the availability of the IBM CLM as a Management Service (CLM aaMS) offering. This offering provides you with a managed, virtual private cloud environment to deploy Rational CLM (Rational DOORS Next Generation, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence). IBM’s managed service is specifically designed […]

From two names to one: Rational Requirements Composer is renamed to Rational DOORS Next Generation

IBM is simplifying its requirements tool portfolio: IBM Rational Requirements Composer is being renamed to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. As of version 5.0, which released on June 2, 2014, Rational Requirements Composer and Rational DOORS Next Generation are no longer separate products. They are one product: Rational DOORS Next Generation. In 2008, we introduced […]

Off and running in 2014: Announcing CLM 4.0.6

This week we released CLM 4.0.6, the next version of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM). CLM 4.0.6 will be our first quarterly release for 2014 and represents the start of our second full year in continuous delivery mode. We’re off to a fast start, focusing on improvements in key areas including DevOps, consumability, cross platform […]

Wanted: Requirements Composer enthusiasts to try our new trial visual editor

When you look at your project requirements and use cases today, how much do you rely on pictures or diagrams? When a project team is documenting ideas for their next development iteration people often draft diagrams to show the flow, user interaction through use cases, or even user interface mock ups to show what the […]

Jazz Plan Jam results are in!

The results are in and the team has crunched through the data. In my previous post, Now that’s how we jam, I gave a breakdown the roles, ideas and votes cast. In this blog, I’ll focus on the popular content items by vote. With over 400 ideas expressed (see final tag cloud in image at […]

Now that’s how we Jam!

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I believe Geoffrey Chaucer is credited with originating the English proverb, “All good things must come to an end.” Well Mr. Chaucer, you’ve captured my sentiments perfectly as we come to the end of the inaugural Jazz Plan Jam. As I explained in my blog post a few weeks ago, the Jam was aimed at […]

The Jazz Plan Jam is ‘jammin’

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Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at Hey all of you “jazzers.” The first ever Jazz Plan Jam is well underway. We kicked off the Jam yesterday and the feedback is starting to roll in! The Jam ends on June 6th June 13th so be sure to jump in on […]

Jazz Plan Jam – Come jam with us!

Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at Are you chock full of ideas and looking for a means to express them? Do you have a wish list or some pet peeves about our products? Are you looking for a way to let your voice be heard? Well then, I’m […]

Innovation requires words: creating a product glossary

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In projects where innovation is taking place, new concepts and possibilities are in the air. Concepts evolve as the team dreams, discusses, designs and delivers working code as the project progresses. New product behaviors and characteristics emerge and change as the team gets feedback and learns more about what is really needed. During this time […]

Ensuring faster migrations between database instances, vendors, and product versions

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One of the great utilities that come with the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management products is called “repotools”. It has been used (and abused) for many purposes related to database creation, migration, upgrade, indexing, fixing, etc. To appreciate this, one can just type in repotools(.sh/.exe) –help and check out the exhaustive list of options. […]

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