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2013 October

DevOps for Dummies now available!

You have probably heard about DevOps but you want to cut through the hype and understand more about this approach. That is the genesis of DevOps for Dummies, authored by IBM’s Sanjeev Sharma. It is written to appeal to both practitioners and managers and to show you how you can apply a new DevOps approach […]

Rapid build deployment using IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Previously I have focused on build performance in posts like Speeding up the pipeline by slowing down builds and Rethinking personal builds, but there is a lot more to a continuous delivery pipeline than build times.  Once a build produces artifacts, you need to do something with them.  Often the next step is to install […]

Working towards continuous deployment in

I have worked for IBM for about 20 years, moving back and forth between development, customer support and IT operations roles. Working in these different roles helped give me perspective for my current role as the manager for Jazz Continuous Deployments/DevOps. In this role I am responsible for ensuring that our multiple staging and self-hosting […]

Unify your test automation for continuous delivery

This is the second article about testing in our Continuous Delivery series to share practices we have adopted in our own development team within Rational Team Concert (RTC). The presented techniques are used to control software evolution and to improve the quality of our code base. Since there is a variety of IBM and open […]

What’s the difference between Ignore, Undo, Deliver, Suspend, Discard, and Reverse

“I have edited the files you wanted me to look at”, I told a team member over coffee. “I will check them in once I finish this cup.” So, after I was back, I opened the pending changes view in the Rational Team Concert Shell control panel, and began to check in the changed files. […]

Rational Team Concert Shell: Where are my pending changes?

“I have delivered some new files to the stream”, said a teammate at our morning scrum. “Can you please edit them?” We’re agile.  I promised to return the files within three working days. Then, I grabbed some coffee, opened Rational Team Concert Shell, and tried to remember what it was that the task bar icon […]

A Rational Team Concert client by another name

“It can do source control management (SCM) stuff. It is almost like the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE”, I was told, “but simpler.” “Aha! A margherita”, I thought and, being of a nature that prefers bare bones over raiments, I downloaded and installed Rational Team Concert Shell (I’m using version 4.0.2) with the […]