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CLM 4.0.2 is here!

This release marks the first release in a new quarterly release rhythm for CLM. Some of you might be thinking “Does this mean I need to upgrade every quarter?!” The answer is “No, we don’t expect you to do that.” We understand that upgrades involve significant planning and testing, and most of you will plan […]

CLM 4.0.1 is here!

Even though this was a pretty quick development cycle, the CLM 4.0.1 release has something new for everyone on the team.  We’ve been busy improving all of the tools, and are happy to announce the general availability of the 4.0.1 release of Rational’s Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management, including the 4.0.1 releases of Rational Team […]

What’s happening with CLM?

One of the great things about working in a huge organization like IBM Rational is that while you’re heads-down on future work, there’s still an army of people out there making your last release more interesting. As the development teams for CLM are working towards another release, there are lots of parallel efforts that keep […]

Back to school and on to our next CLM release

So things have been a little quiet here on for the CLM team since Innovate. We took some time to recover from shipping CLM 2012 and Innovate, but we’ve also been busy working on plans for our next CLM release, digesting the input from our Product Managers and also your input from the Plan […]

Start your engines! CLM 2012 Part 1- Taking a peek under the hood

This is the first in a series of blogs discussing the enhancements we’re delivering in the upcoming release of our Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution, comprising: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirements Composer, and beta integration with Rational Software Architect Design Manager. The team chose the race car theme for this blog series, and […]

Announcing the CLM 2012 Beta!

Very few companies provide milestone builds of their products to their customers. And not all provide betas. But how many companies do both AND self-host on their milestones and betas? Not many, but we DO and we’re proud of it. By self-hosting, we work out the problems before you experience them, but we also know […]

Planning the next stages of the Rational solution for CLM

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Whew!  What a couple of months.  In June we wrapped up development of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) 2011, had a great time at Innovate – our yearly Rational Conference – in Orlando, pushed the button on the final bits while in Orlando to send them to manufacturing, and celebrated that by […]

Does Rational Team Concert support MultiSite?

Does Rational Team Concert support MultiSite? I was asked this question by a customer recently, and I realized that many customers who are familiar with Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest may be asking similar questions. ClearCase and ClearQuest have MultiSite features that enhance the base products to support teams distributed across a Wide Area Network. […]

Blog post re-telling the Jazz story

Ferran “Ferdy” Rodenas does a great job re-telling the Jazz story and vision in this blog entry:  Ferdy is not an IBMer, but he has been playing along enthusiastically in the Jazz community. While we always appreciate positive words like this, I’m even more encouraged that someone outside the team seems to really grok and […]

Scaling to new heights with Rational Team Concert 2.0

One of our major goals for Rational Team Concert 2.0 (RTC) is to support significantly larger development teams on a single server than were supported by our 1.0 release. We knew our Jazz Technology could support more than 250 Developers as soon as we finished our scalability testing and published the Rational Team Concert 1.0 […]

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