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Richard Bone

Recording and automating jazz-based Docker containers

Jazz-based servers allow you to record response files to be used when calling repotools setup from the command line.  The set of properties needed to go through setup on the command line successfully aren’t particularly easy to figure out, as they aren’t in product documentation.  Customers could use an example that shows them how to use the […]

Using Slack to perform work in an UrbanCode Deploy environment

In this post, we’re going to show you how to build a Node.js application that monitors a Slack channel and responds to commands. These commands result in a command line tool (udclient) being called against our Urbancode Deploy (UCD) server.  This will allow you to tap into a continuous delivery pipeline, and run UCD processes that your build process also invokes […]

Continuous delivery practices within development

Tools: RTC (with SCM CMD line tool) for source control and builds UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) for deployment automation Docker for test environments Slack for team awareness In recent years, the concepts of continuous delivery, deployment, and integration have been introduced, along with DevOps, and have changed the way we look at producing, testing, managing, and […]