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Continuous Deployment on Jazz Staging

In this fourth Blog, Christophe explains how the Jazz team is now managing complete automated continuous build, test and deployment of IBM CLM on their staging system using IBM UrbanCode Deploy and how they integrated the deployment from an ANT script.

Automatically generate a version of an UrbanCode Deploy component from Rational Team Concert

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In this second video, I explain how to automatically push a component from IBM Rational Team Concert into IBM UrbanCode Deploy. The video shows how the Operation team is using such process to manage their deploy script and configuration used for the continuous deployment of Collaborative Lifecycle Management on First, I show the […]

Continuous upgrade with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

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I’ve just released a video explaining how we’re using IBM UrbanCode Deploy to continuously upgrade the staging and production systems on In the video, I explain the internal architecture, the different staging systems, and the process we use to upgrade the production systems. Finally, I demonstrate how we use UrbanCode Deploy to automate […]

Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy for deployments

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Our journey towards IBM UrbanCode Deploy Our team has been responsible for the deployment of IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) on production and staging systems since 2007.  On top of the production system known as jazz or, we have 2 staging systems named BLUES and SOUL. We deploy to the staging system weekly, […]

Working towards continuous deployment in

I have worked for IBM for about 20 years, moving back and forth between development, customer support and IT operations roles. Working in these different roles helped give me perspective for my current role as the manager for Jazz Continuous Deployments/DevOps. In this role I am responsible for ensuring that our multiple staging and self-hosting […]