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What’s new in Rational Quality Manager 6.0.3

In this post, I am going to highlight three key enhancements to IBM Rational Quality Manager 6.0.3 that will make a difference for many of you: customization of manual test scripts, artifact comparison, and components.  For a complete enhancement list and more details about the content of this release, please see the New & Noteworthy. […]

What’s new in Rational Quality Manager 6.0.2

Enhancements to Rational Quality Manager 6.0.2 include the following.  For a complete list, see New & Noteworthy. Customization of manual test scripts Manual test scripts can now be customized in two ways. First, users can add new custom sections to the set of predefined sections available out of the box—Summary, Formal Reviews, Manual Steps, and Associated […]

A DevOps transformation

The journey of a system test organization in transforming itself into a continuous delivery, DevOps model by Mario Maldari and Albert Tabachnik In a DevOps Continuous Engineering environment, with accelerated timescales, it is ever more important to focus testing efforts on those features and platforms that are most critical to your customers. The Collaborative Lifecycle Management […]

Using Docker with RQM

In our pipeline, we use Rational Quality Manager (RQM) to run a lot of tests using dynamically created RQM adapters. While building the products, we also compile and package the tests to be run. After the tests and products to test are built, we create and start several RQM adapters to run the tests. Here’s […]

Heatmaps for Defect Analysis

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We test a lot.  The primary reason for this is because we have so much to test.  As you can imagine, a product as large as our Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution – with many millions of lines of code – requires a gargantuan test effort moving from release to release while maintaining the level […]

Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy to improve automated testing

In my last post, I described how we use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to quickly and easily deploy server applications produced by each build.  In this post I will describe how we are using those deployed applications to improve our automated testing and reduce the time it takes to validate the contents of a build. Quality […]

Unify your test automation for continuous delivery

This is the second article about testing in our Continuous Delivery series to share practices we have adopted in our own development team within Rational Team Concert (RTC). The presented techniques are used to control software evolution and to improve the quality of our code base. Since there is a variety of IBM and open […]

WebSphere test practices, part 1 of 3: Challenges

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At the beginning of my career at IBM I was privileged to be a part of the WebSphere Performance Team between 2000 and 2004.  The Performance Engineering team challenged and changed how I viewed ‘Test’.   There were no testers or even tests in that organization .. there were engineers initiating experiments, generating repeatable metrics and […]

Web UI test scenarios in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

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History I work as the Automation Lead for the Function Verification Test (FVT) team in the Collaborative Lifeycle Management (CLM) project. This post details some of the efforts we are making to improve our test automation to enable continuous delivery. The CLM FVT team created the CLM Build Verification Test (BVT) scenario to quickly sanity-test […]

Automation and Cloud for System Integration test

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This is a quick overview of very recent efforts within the IBM Rational development organization to employ cloud technology coupled with aggressive provisioning, product install and configuration automation to improve and streamline our product System Integration test processes with an eye towards Continuous Delivery. Motivation and challenges Its a common story for sure but our […]

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