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Getting your feet wet with feeds

Rational Team Concert has always supported newsfeeds as the preferred mechanism to track events in teams and projects. Are you still relying on old school e-mail notifications? Have you never thought about configuring Team Central and your personal Dashboard to use feeds efficiently? Then this post will give you some inspiration. To keep things short […]

Sprinting towards Scrum

If you are a Pig or a Chicken this will be interesting for you[1] :-) Rational Team Concert 2.0 comes with an overhauled Agile Planning component that enables you to steer a Scrum project without hassle. No matter if you’re a product owner, scrum master, developer, stakeholder, manager, or user – there is support for […]

Writing your own reports in Rational Team Concert 2.0

With the recent release of Rational Team Concert 2.0, we now ship more than 50 out-of-the-box reports that are ready to help you track the progress of your development. Having said that, and knowing how creative our users are, there is a whole world of potential reports that I’m sure you’d like to add to […]

Rational Team Concert 2.0 released!

We are proud to announce the general availability of Rational Team Concert 2.0. Go download it and enjoy! It’s loaded with features, some of the most notable features being read permissions, significant enhancements for planning and agile scrum support, and the server going big with enterprise deployments supporting 2000+ users in a single repository! How […]