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Using Visual Studio’s built-in diff/merge tool with Rational Team Concert

The IBM Rational Team Concert client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE comes with a default file compare utility, but also allows you to use any external compare tool of your choice.  The compare utility that you use will come up in a separate window that you’d need to switch to in order to perform the […]

What’s new in the Rational Team Concert 3.0.1 client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

With the 3.0.1 release of Rational Team Concert just round the corner on June 14, 2011, I’m really excited to tell you about all the work we did in the last six months to improve the experience for .NET developers using RTC. When we look at the features we planned for and delivered, many of […]

Countdown to Rational Team Concert 3.0: Part IV – Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

In Part II of this blog series, I included a couple of sneak peaks into how Team Concert is continuing to be used everywhere with the new clients for  z/OS. We’ve always investment heavily in supporting different client environments, and this year we’ve raised the bar with a lot of new coolness in the client […]

Heterogeneous development with Rational Team Concert

Most organizations are unlikely to invest in separate infrastructures and separate tools to cater to teams working on different technology stacks. If you are working towards a common solution, then irrespective of technological affiliations you are likely to have the teams follow one plan, one process, one common build infrastructure, common feeds and one common […]