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Patterns for read-protecting source code

Rational Team Concert 2.0 includes project level read permissions, which allow for read-protecting artifacts in a project area. Read access control applies to all artifacts in the project and all its sub-teams. The simplest usage of this feature is to mark a project as read-protected and then carefully control the membership of this new protected […]

Enterprise performance and scalability testing

If you’ve been reading some of our previous blog posts (wan performance testing using metronome, selfhosting sizing numbers, repository workspace scalability, scaling to new heights), you’ll know that performance and scalability are very important to our team. Now that we are neck deep in testing Rational Team Concert 2.0 (RTC), it’s time to share how […]

How scalable are repository workspaces?

I was chatting with users of a rather large Rational Team Concert deployment today and they asked a very common question, “what is the footprint overhead of having repository workspaces?”. The easy answer is, don’t worry about it because disk space is cheap. But in reality, we do care about it, a lot. Imagine what […]

Finding your changes – using releases, builds, and snapshots

It has been a busy fall and winter for the Rational Team Concert (RTC) development teams. We shipped 1.0.1 in October, followed by in February, and we are working on 2.0. It’s probably not uncommon to have many releases on the “go” at the same time, but I must admit that it has been […]

Tips and tricks for tracking Rational Team Concert 2.0

We are trying hard to do something different with open commercial development at Besides being able to directly interact with the development team in the forums and work items, the other important transparency goal is to share with you our plans and schedules. Let me take you on a tour of the Rational Team […]

Integrating Visual Studio builds with Team Concert

Many of you have asked if we support integrating automated Visual Studio builds with Rational Team Concert. The short answer is yes, but you’ll have to use the Eclipse Team Concert client to control and view the results. When talking about build, it helps a lot to look at a picture. The following diagram taken […]

Team Concert Client for Visual Studio Beta

I’m pleased to announce that the Team Concert Client for Visual Studio Client beta is now available for download. It’s a fully functional preview of what we will be shipping as part of the Rational Team Concert release slated for the first quarter of 2009. The client will be available, at no additional cost, […]

Towards a Visual Studio client

I’d like to update everyone on the progress of the Team Concert Visual Studio client. Some of you may of seen demos at various conferences over the last year, but in reality we’ve only been able to start serious development of the client after we shipped Team Concert at the end of June. The first release […]

Self-hosting by the numbers – June 2008

Now that Rational Team Concert 1.0 is available, it’s time to start a series of blogs that I’ve been planning for a long time. The Jazz team has been self-hosting since the summer of 2006 and since then our infrastructure and repository have grown over time. I’d like to share with you some facts about […]

See you at EclipseCon 2008


It’s funny to say, but EclipseCon is much more than just about Eclipse the IDE. It’s about tools, platforms, runtimes, and grassroots hacking. Take Jazz as an example, where I would say the most important part of Eclipse we use is the OSGi runtime on the server. Whereas on the client side our design has […]

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