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Using Visual Studio’s built-in diff/merge tool with Rational Team Concert

The IBM Rational Team Concert client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE comes with a default file compare utility, but also allows you to use any external compare tool of your choice.  The compare utility that you use will come up in a separate window that you’d need to switch to in order to perform the […]

Rational Team Concert 6.0.4 introduces support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2017 general availability this year, and we are excited to share that starting with the Rational Team Concert 6.0.4 release, Rational Team Concert is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. Unlike previous versions, Visual Studio 2017 came with some breaking changes to the extensibility mechanism which made it more than just […]

Countdown to Rational Team Concert 3.0: Part IV – Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

In Part II of this blog series, I included a couple of sneak peaks into how Team Concert is continuing to be used everywhere with the new clients for  z/OS. We’ve always investment heavily in supporting different client environments, and this year we’ve raised the bar with a lot of new coolness in the client […]

Video: Getting started with Rational Team Concert 2.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio

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Have you downloaded Rational Team Concert and are now wondering how to quick-start your new project and get your Visual Studio developers on board? We’ve got a few videos for you! This demo features two actors: Heather is a team leader responsible for starting a new project and exposing a proof of concept to her […]