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Rational Team Concert 2.0 released!

We are proud to announce the general availability of Rational Team Concert 2.0. Go download it and enjoy! It’s loaded with features, some of the most notable features being read permissions, significant enhancements for planning and agile scrum support, and the server going big with enterprise deployments supporting 2000+ users in a single repository!

How do we know if we are done? Well, take a look at our release plan … it’s all green as you can see in the screen shot below, grouped by milestone. The only task remaining was for me to blog about how our repository has grown over the last year.

We are heavy users of the new release planning functions; we are a big team, and having planning support is key for us to get organized and track our progress. But as you can see in the image below, although we tracked progress and had iterations with continuous integration we have to improve our story boarding to get a better burndown and velocity metric. It’s interesting to note that as our tools got better so did our estimates!

Our endgame was a bit more active than last year, but the burndown was as expected as you can see in our project dashboard. We tracked code churn and defect trends in the end game very closely.

After the dust had settled, it looks like we closed 7,127 work items, tasks, and stories in 2.0. Of those, 521 are enhancements, 4,223 defects, 2,333 tasks, and 50 stories.

In addition to the cool features, we worked hard to provide good online help and articles. Here is a quick article index to help you find and catch-up on new features and best practices. Think of this as a mini table of contents for the key Rational Team Concert 2.0 articles on

Setup and Administration

Work Items

Source Control



Connectors, Bridges, and Importers

Thanks for all the feedback we’ve received throughout the 2.0 release, as many of you have downloaded and provided great early comments. On behalf of the entire Team Concert Development Team, we thank you!