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Thinking (and obsessing) about software performance

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” –Mark Twain. When we interact with software, we require it does what we want it to and that it responds to our wishes quickly. The domain of software performance is all about understanding where the time goes when we […]

Running slow? Get a health check

Have you ever noticed sluggishness with a CLM web page and wondered whether you are hitting some product issues, or just having a bumpy connection with the server?  Or while you were waiting for your content to show up in the browser, have you ever wondered “are they there yet”? There is a little tool […]

Does Rational Team Concert support MultiSite?

Does Rational Team Concert support MultiSite? I was asked this question by a customer recently, and I realized that many customers who are familiar with Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest may be asking similar questions. ClearCase and ClearQuest have MultiSite features that enhance the base products to support teams distributed across a Wide Area Network. […]

How many users will your Team Concert 2.0 server support?

Although we are still collecting and running performance tests on Rational Team Concert 2.0, I’d like to share some of the preliminary data with you. These are the configurations that we’ve tested so far: Of the additional configurations to test, we want to find a middle point between the Xeon 5500, which would support ~1000 […]

Enterprise performance and scalability testing

If you’ve been reading some of our previous blog posts (wan performance testing using metronome, selfhosting sizing numbers, repository workspace scalability, scaling to new heights), you’ll know that performance and scalability are very important to our team. Now that we are neck deep in testing Rational Team Concert 2.0 (RTC), it’s time to share how […]

Scaling to new heights with Rational Team Concert 2.0

One of our major goals for Rational Team Concert 2.0 (RTC) is to support significantly larger development teams on a single server than were supported by our 1.0 release. We knew our Jazz Technology could support more than 250 Developers as soon as we finished our scalability testing and published the Rational Team Concert 1.0 […]

How scalable are repository workspaces?

I was chatting with users of a rather large Rational Team Concert deployment today and they asked a very common question, “what is the footprint overhead of having repository workspaces?”. The easy answer is, don’t worry about it because disk space is cheap. But in reality, we do care about it, a lot. Imagine what […]

Scaling out Jazz Team Server: optimistic replication

I like to regularly follow, which is all about the practices of extremely scalable web sites. Over the four years that we have been evolving the Jazz platform, we’ve investigated and learned a lot about the principles and standards of scalability, and even discovered a few good ideas of our own. In other words, we’re […]