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Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy to improve automated testing

In my last post, I described how we use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to quickly and easily deploy server applications produced by each build.  In this post I will describe how we are using those deployed applications to improve our automated testing and reduce the time it takes to validate the contents of a build. Quality […]

Rapid build deployment using IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Previously I have focused on build performance in posts like Speeding up the pipeline by slowing down builds and Rethinking personal builds, but there is a lot more to a continuous delivery pipeline than build times.  Once a build produces artifacts, you need to do something with them.  Often the next step is to install […]

Welcome UrbanCode!

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There is never a dull day in the world of DevOps!  There is always something new to learn and apply; an increasing buzz, spawning the need for new capabilities. If you are not familiar with the concept of DevOps, here is one point-of-view. It is about applying Lean and Agile principles to simplify and accelerate […]