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What’s new in Rational Quality Manager 6.0.2

Enhancements to Rational Quality Manager 6.0.2 include the following.  For a complete list, see New & Noteworthy.

Customization of manual test scripts


Manual test scripts can now be customized in two ways.

First, users can add new custom sections to the set of predefined sections available out of the box—Summary, Formal Reviews, Manual Steps, and Associated E-Signatures. For example, users can add rich text sections to define the objectives of the test script or the preconditions required before starting the execution.

Second, users can define new custom attributes for the manual test script steps in addition to the existing predefined attributes—Description, Expected Results and Attachments/Links. Those new attributes can have one of the following types: small string, medium string, integer, enumeration, or date/time. The new attributes appear as additional columns in the Manual Steps grid section of the script. This effectively enables users to create well formatted test scripts which would be easier to author and run.

Note that both the RQM Microsoft Word and Excel importer utility, as well as the offline test execution capability, support the new format of manual test scripts with custom attributes.

The customized test script can be saved as a template that can be reused later on. Therefore, users can create and manage a set of reusable templates available when creating new manual test scripts.

Optimized test artifact visualization and execution

A set of improvements has been made to streamline the tester workflows when working with test artifacts table view or executing tests:

  • Project administrators can set a shared query as the default to be used when looking at test artifacts in the table views in a project area. All users would then be able to benefit from the same default layout and filtering options for the table views of that project area as defined by the administrator. Users can override a table view default query in their user preferences.
  • Table views now render test artifacts links in a consistent way.
  • Users can now link test artifact sections to existing work items on top of already being able to create links to new work items.
  • Users can rerun a test from a test case result which would automatically reuse the same test case execution record, test script, and execution variable value set previously selected for that run.
  • Project administrators can enforce unique names for test environments. By enabling unique names, you can ensure that new test environments do not reuse existing names.

Rational Quality Manager is part of the Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution.  New users can try Rational Quality Manager in a sandbox. You can download Rational Quality Manager here.


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