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WebSphere test practices, part 1 of 3: Challenges

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At the beginning of my career at IBM I was privileged to be a part of the WebSphere Performance Team between 2000 and 2004.  The Performance Engineering team challenged and changed how I viewed ‘Test’.   There were no testers or even tests in that organization .. there were engineers initiating experiments, generating repeatable metrics and […]

Web UI test scenarios in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

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History I work as the Automation Lead for the Function Verification Test (FVT) team in the Collaborative Lifeycle Management (CLM) project. This post details some of the efforts we are making to improve our test automation to enable continuous delivery. The CLM FVT team created the CLM Build Verification Test (BVT) scenario to quickly sanity-test […]

Automation and Cloud for System Integration test

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This is a quick overview of very recent efforts within the IBM Rational development organization to employ cloud technology coupled with aggressive provisioning, product install and configuration automation to improve and streamline our product System Integration test processes with an eye towards Continuous Delivery. Motivation and challenges Its a common story for sure but our […]

Where did Rational Test Lab Manager go?

The next release of Rational Quality Manager is coming soon. And by now you have seen the latest Beta and milestones posted for download, the updated release plans, a lot of progress on work items, and even the updated documentation. However, you probably haven’t seen much information about Rational Test Lab Manager (RTLM) being included […]

Rational Quality Manager 2.0 – The Center of the QA Universe

At the Rational Software Conference 2009 in June, I busted the common myth that there was no center of the universe by proposing that Rational Quality Manager was the center and core of all things important for software quality. Our team has been busy over the past few months. The key driver for Rational Quality […]

How many users will your Team Concert 2.0 server support?

Although we are still collecting and running performance tests on Rational Team Concert 2.0, I’d like to share some of the preliminary data with you. These are the configurations that we’ve tested so far: Of the additional configurations to test, we want to find a middle point between the Xeon 5500, which would support ~1000 […]

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