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Announcing Engineering Integration Hub v7.0.3

We are pleased to announce the availability of IBM Engineering Hub 7.0.3, adding the 7.0.3 versions of IBM Engineering Workflow Management and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next to the ever growing list of connector compatibility. Engineering Integration Hub provides scalable, near real-time integrations, eliminating error-prone duplicate data entry and manual traceability. If you have or are considering installing ELM 7.0.3, we encourage you to learn how Engineering Integration Hub enables a more efficient and interoperable engineering tooling environment.

This release builds upon an ongoing commitment to remaining current with tool versions and ensuring product quality for our customers. Highlights include the following:

  • In addition to Engineering Workflow Management 7.0.3 and DOORS Next 7.0.3, added support for Planview Enterprise Architecture as well as new versions of PTC Windchill, Atlassian Jira, Agility, and more. Visit the New and Noteworthy to view the full list of connectors and versions enabled in this release.
  • Security and technical hardening, with upgrades to runtime component versions for Keycloak (v22) and Tomcat (v9).
  • Added timestamps for start, completion, and failure of full scans and regular change detections in the “change-detection.log” file, with process durations in milliseconds. Change detection logs are available when troubleshooting settings are enabled.
  • Regular product and connector fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

Other recent enhancements include a new report that shows where projects are used across a Hub instance, as well as improved administrative flexibility through the addition of roles, including one that can only modify repository settings and one that can modify all settings except for repository settings.

If you’ve not yet migrated from IBM Lifecycle Integration Adapters Tasktop Edition to IBM Engineering Integration Hub, we strongly recommend upgrading to take advantage of the significant new capabilities and the many additional connectors included with Hub. Please contact your account representative for more information, or request a trial on the Engineering Integration Hub Download page. Happy integrating!

Kim Rauenzahn
Product Manager (IBM Engineering Integration Hub and