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What’s new in Rational Asset Manager 7.5.4

We are pleased to announce the availability of Rational Asset Manager (RAM) 7.5.4. It is now available for download on Passport Advantage and IBM Fix Central.

The primary focus of this release is to address customer Request for Enhancements (RFEs), Platform Upgrades, and security improvements to benefit power users. Some of the key content in this release are:

Rational Asset Manager Eclipse client upgraded to Neon 4.6.2

The Eclipse client is now upgraded to Neon 4.6.2 version that enhances stability and functionality of Rational Asset Manager 7.5.4. It also upgrades the JAVA runtime environment to 1.8.

Support for TLSv1.2

Rational Asset Manager 7.5.4 includes support for TLSv1.2, which offers number of new cipher suites, many of those using the SHA2-based hashing.

Rational Asset Manager integration support with UrbanCode Deploy

Rational Asset Manager 7.5.4 is now integrated with UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) 7.0. for both source configuration as well as automation plugin support. The integration also supports UCD


Improvement in installer bits consumption capability

In order to provide a better install experience, the install footprint size of Rational Asset Manager is reduced half the size.

The primary focus area for the Rational Asset Manager development team in 2018 has been Client Care, which involves resolving customer issues and addressing key customer RFEs.

As the Rational Asset Manager development team plans for future releases of Rational Asset Manager, customers are encouraged to participate by raising RFEs on IBM developerWorks forum. Issues can be raised as Problem Management Record (PMR) on IBM Support channel.

If you wish to engage with us to discuss strategic direction and needs, contact We would be happy to connect with you to understand your business case and requirements.

Looking forward to your continued support and feedback!

Rahul Choudhary
Development Manager, 
Rational Asset Manager