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Connecting hardware and software lifecycles to build the Internet of Things

Traditional software development practices and tools can’t scale up to support the accelerated delivery cycles and iterations of products designed for the Internet of Things. You need modern tools and practices designed for the IoT to succeed. In the past, traditional development methodologies were waterfall and led in one direction: from design to deployment, with […]

Join us for an independent analyst webcast: Achieving innovation and faster time to market with effective ALM

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You may recall that back in October 2012, I was thrilled and yet humbled, to announce in my blog that Forrester Research Inc ranked IBM as achieving the highest scores in both current offering and strategy for our Application Lifecycle Management solution among all vendors. Well I am pleased to tell you that Tom Grant, […]

A nice new shiny award … won’t mom be proud?

I was terrible at sports as a kid, but everyone on the team got a trophy. Come to think of it, I may still have a few of those in the attic. When I was in high school, trophies were a little harder to come by, but I did manage to win my fair share in my […]

The role of Rational Asset Manager as a DevOps broker

Gone are the days when development teams develop monolithic applications completely from scratch. Reusing open source components, frameworks, and services is quite usual. It is also common that a single application is composed with packages that are delivered by different teams.  The deployment of these applications has to take into account which package level to […]