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Milestone 1 for the next release of Rational Asset Manager now available

We recently made available for download Milestone 1 of our next release of Rational Asset Manager, currently planned for 3Q2011.

I think you’ll be impressed by the progress made so far by our agile development team. This milestone is fully functional and really shows off some of the great strides we’ve taken toward the release objectives:

  • Repository level lifecycles can now be used to apply bulk control throughout the system:

  • Instructions to collaborators and reviewers can be provided in each state of a lifecycle:

  • We’re working on a Rational Asset Manager add-in for Microsoft® Office®, making it easier to update asset contents based on Microsoft Office:

To see even more, check out what’s new and noteworthy for this milestone, or create an instance of Rational Asset Manager on the cloud.

Thank you as always for your continued support and feedback!

Derek Baron
Product Manager, Rational Asset Manager