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Rational Asset Manager 7.5.1 is now available!

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With this release of Rational Asset Manager, we did our best to incorporate your feedback and suggestions. We gathered input from the RAM forum on, our field and support teams, our design partners and from onsite customer visits so that we could focus this release on delivering improved usability and integrations.

Here are just a few highlights of what you can expect:

Improved usability

  • Allow customization of the asset details layout
  • Easier to manage large numbers of user licenses
  • Include localization support for asset names and descriptions, making assets more consumable by geographically dispersed users
  • Deliver consistent filter options for lists of assets, types, schemas, attributes, and relationships
  • Allow users can manage their subscriptions and notifications with more control on their profile

Easier management for asset lifecycles

  • New reporting information for asset life-cycle details

  • Instructions and guidance that are not configurable for each state in a lifecycle, making it easier for reviewers to understand what is needed
  • Master lifecycles allow administrators to propagate changes throughout the entire system, while still allowing customization at the community and asset level

Increased performance

  • Users can now use an applet to improve the speed and reliability of their uploads and downloads
  • The underlying architecture of the storage and management of asset relationships is improved, increasing the speed of activities when making changes to asset relationships

New and updated integrations

  • Can now function as an OSGi bundle repository, enabling users to manage their OSGi bundles along with other related assets

  • Asset attributes and categories are available for reporting in the integration with Rational Insight.
  • A new policy is provided to create a Service Request in IBM Tivoli CCMDB when an asset enters a specific state.
  • An add-in for Microsoft Office enables business users to update Microsoft Office artifacts more easily.
  • IBM Lotus Connections user can now publish files using the updated iWidget.
  • The Java API can now be used to create policies
  • WebSphere Application Server is now bundled with the product, replacing the previously bundled embedded WebSphere Application Server (eWAS).

To see even more, check out what’s new and noteworthy for this release, or create an instance of Rational Asset Manager on the cloud.

Thank you as always for your continued support and feedback!

Derek Baron
Product Line Manager