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Rational Asset Manager released

The Rational Asset Manager (RAM) fix pack is now available for download.

One of the top priorities for RAM in 2012 is helping customers improve the formal exchange of software outputs between development and operations; part of the DevOps trend in the market. This fixpack introduces some updated and preview features:

  • Preview integration with IBM Workload Deployer
  • Publish linux RPM content to RAM, and access it via YUM client

The other top priority for RAM in 2012 is to help ALM projects reuse internal and external components, manage assets with complex relationships, and exchange formal outputs between development projects.

This means OSLC capable tools can now integrate with Rational Asset Manager using open-standards-based services that are RDF-compliant (RDF/XML). This lays the groundwork for some very cool enhancements coming soon.

The Rational Asset Manager development team has eagerly begun working on the next release of Rational Asset Manager. You can check out our dashboard and tell us what you think in the forums.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Derek Baron
Product Manager, Rational Asset Manager